and many other formats of activities in one way or another connected with recreation and entertainment can be implemented, embodied in Agriturismo "La Svyatska". Call Book, come and enjoy !!! It's your time !!! This is your vacation !!! And let the whole world wait!!!

Rent the "La Svyatska" estate for a wedding

This is available in the "La Svyatska" estate, where each detail will help you make your holiday unforgettable: a modern and original interior needed for a comfortable celebrating, the equipment and furniture, as well as the best bath-house in Grodno, which you can rent together with the estate for hours or a day.

The "La Svyatska" estate offers:

  • Full range of services;
  • Rent without an overnight accommodation;
  • Rent without a bath-house;
  • A bath-house rent;
  • Catering.

In order to use the services make the online booking or contact us by phone +375(29)62 777 26, +375(29)58 777 57.