and many other formats of activities in one way or another connected with recreation and entertainment can be implemented, embodied in Agriturismo "La Svyatska". Call Book, come and enjoy !!! It's your time !!! This is your vacation !!! And let the whole world wait!!!

Romantic evening in the estate

Where in Grodno you can find the most attractive prices for renting the estate? What it can offer for a romantic evening? What are its advantages over the usual ones and those available to the citizens as cafes, restaurants, clubs and parks?

The "La Svyatska" estate is a place where a real romantic atmosphere prevails, because nothing can be compared with nature, fresh air, a real bath-house, a cozy fireplace in the evening and the night sky around the campfire. It is an ideal place to offer marriage and begin planning your future with your loved one.

You can rent the "La Svyatska" estate in Grodno with a full-service, without overnight accommodation, with a bath-house or just the estate. It is also possible to rent a bath-house for hours or a day and arrange meals on request.

All you need for a perfect romantic evening is the "La Svyatska" estate. Book your leisure and all needed services via the online form, mailing or calling us at:

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