and many other formats of activities in one way or another connected with recreation and entertainment can be implemented, embodied in Agriturismo "La Svyatska". Call Book, come and enjoy !!! It's your time !!! This is your vacation !!! And let the whole world wait!!!

The estate for an open-air

Why it is better to rent the estate in Grodno for such events? The first and the most important reason is the convenience of location and a wide range of services.

If you have no experience in organization of Open airs, do not seek to something huge and outstanding at once. For the first time it's better to start with not big estates, which at the same time could leave no less emotions. One of them is the "La Svyatska" estate.

Renting the "La Svyatska" estate in Grodno for an open air is a great variant, because it has all features for a good pastime: a space for dance and rest, a convenient location, a comfortable house with a large capacity, a real bath-house.

You can use the following services:

  • Order a full range of services;
  • Rent the estate without an overnight accommodation;
  • Rent the estate without a bath-house;
  • Rent a bath-house for hours or a day;
  • Order catering.

To do this you need to fill in the online booking form or contact us by phone at  +375(29)62 777 26, +375(29)58 777 57.