and many other formats of activities in one way or another connected with recreation and entertainment can be implemented, embodied in Agriturismo "La Svyatska". Call Book, come and enjoy !!! It's your time !!! This is your vacation !!! And let the whole world wait!!!

Eco-tourism in the estate

Agro and ecotourism to date - the card not only of Grodno, Belarus, but also in general. Remove the estate for a holiday or a bath in Grodno at the clock and day became as commonplace as, say, to go for shopping in the store.

Family weekend in the "La Svyatska" estate

If you are looking for where to stay in the bath for a day in Grodno and just relax and have a good time with your family - Agriturismo "La Svyatska" is ready to offer their services.

Romantic evening in the estate

Modern bars and bustling restaurants and cafes, a banal visit to the cinema, walking in the park - this is not something that can now be associated with romance. Remove the estate and spend a few days together - the best of all possible options.

Rent the "La Svyatska" estate for a wedding

A wedding in the mansion - one of the most sought after and popular options for celebration. According to the expert wedding, the newlyweds are increasingly prefer to rent the estate than renting a cafe or restaurant.

Among the main reasons for which all other locations for wedding inferior farmsteads, can be called a great space, full nature, scope for entertainment, availability of overnight guests and many others.

Vacation in the "La Svyatska" estate

You do not know how to use and comfortable to hold long-awaited vacation? Tired of long trips? Do you want to plunge into the pristine nature of the Belarusian? It's time to take off the estate in Grodno "La Svyatska"!