and many other formats of activities in one way or another connected with recreation and entertainment can be implemented, embodied in Agriturismo "La Svyatska". Call Book, come and enjoy !!! It's your time !!! This is your vacation !!! And let the whole world wait!!!

Guest two-storey house

The presence of a two-story guest house allows companies to 10 people to rent a mansion for a day and comfortably accommodate is not only in daytime but also at night. On the first floor is situated the bathroom with shower and washing machine, spacious living room with big tables, kitchen and 1 cozy room. On the second floor there are 3 bedrooms and a small bathroom.

Special coziness is created by:

  • wide and spacious premises;
  • competent distribution space;
  • proper alignment of zones, such as kitchen and living room;
  • use interior wood and metal;
  • caring, attentive attitude to the guests.

At Your disposal will be the whole house for the entire stay. If necessary, You will be provided with food. Possible excursions to places of interest such as the canal and others that sleeps in the house no more than 10, a spacious living room can accommodate two people, which certainly can be useful when organizing various activities such as anniversary or wedding in the manor. Territory comfortable stay "La Svyazka" located in the immediate vicinity of the road (Grodno - sapotskin), and the manor and services prices pleasant for visitors.

The Agriturismo "La Svyazka": We are always happy to see You among its guests.