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Bath complex

For our guests we have provided 2 baths, each of which includes several buildings.

Description bath, zonal:

  • Zone 1: direct entrance to the room and a small room for changing clothes;
  • Zone 2: Small space kitchen, a table with benches for rest;
  • Zone 3: steam room, accommodating up to 5-6 persons;
  • Zone 4; shower.

Full preparation of the bath takes a few hours. So, to make your stay truly high-quality, better plan it in advance and pre-notify us about your wish. And then when you arrive, and the heat and the steam will be ready, and you do not have to languish in waiting.


We also provided an option of hourly service. Those. we can provide, as they do not many baths Grodno - bath for hours at your disposal. Also visit the bath can be reserved separately - with no rest in guest houses.

 For more information, please contact us.